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  Notation: The registration fee is the fee noted in the registration notation box on your registration link.  There are no other fees due after you pay the registration.

Hello everyone,

Registration is now open for Fall 2018 Season!

When you click on the "Links" tab, you will see links for Northside Registration Region "A", and Northside Registration Region "B". You will also see registration links for "new" players, and "returning" players under each registration.

Make sure you register under the correct region and player link.

Below you will see registration for each Region. Each region will be specific to certain areas and elementary schools. Region "A" and Region "B" games will be played at Northside Soccer Complex at Gus Stadium. The address and field layout will be found on the "Fields" tab in the left hand side bar.

Make sure you read all info to each region to make sure you register for the correct region.

Region "A": Holmes/Jay/Stevens/Warren

(Please read all notation in the registration box when you click on the registration link)

Elementary Area Schools: Adams Hill, Allen, Cable, Carlos Coon, Cody, Diggers, Esparza, Evers, Fernandez, Fisher, Forester, Glass, Glenn, GlenOaks, Hatchett, Hull, Lewis, Linton, Martin, Meadow Village, Michael, Murnin, Passmore, Powell, Myers, Raba, Timberwilde, Valley Hi, Villarreal, Westwood Terrace

6th Graders: Neff, Jones, Pease, Rayburn, Ross, Vale


Region "B": Brandeis/Brennan/Clark/Harlan/O'Connor/Taft/Marshall 

(Please read all notation in the registration box when you click on the registration link)

Elementary Area Schools: Aue, Beard, Behlau, Blattman, Boldt, Boone, Brauchle, Braun Station, Burke,Carnahan, Carson, Cole, Colonies North, Ellison, ElRod, Fields, Franklin, Galm, Helotes, Henderson, Hoffman, Howsman, Kallison, Knowlton, Krueger, Kuntz, Langley, Leon Springs, Leon Valley, Lieck, Los Reyes, McDermott, Locke Hill, May, McAndrew, Mead, Mireles, Mora, Nichols, NW Crossing, Oak Hill Terrace, Ott, Rhodes, Scarborough, Scobee, Steubing, Thornton, Wanke, Ward

6th Graders: Bernal, Briscoe, Connally, Hobby, Folks, Garcia, Jefferson, Jordan, Luna, Rawlinson,  Rudder, Stevenson, Stinson, Zachary

Ball Size


Jersey, shorts  and socks: Provided by Score

Player Provides Footwear and Shin Guards